Steps to Create Real Freedom in Life

Society today seems to have it figured out ln how we are supposed to love our lives. The standards set by society depend on what they consider right or wrong. Living according to social conventions only limits your abilities and you end up living in mediocrity as the rest living by these standards are. Those cannot be considered free as you are not doing what you want but instead what is expected of you by society.


Every person has a right to make their own decisions and live by them. There are many ways in which you can create your own freedom. Here is how.


  1. . Choose your career according to what you love doing.


Most of adult life is spent working and therefore this will take a significant part of your thoughts. Careers should be chosen according to passion, hobbies, likes, and abilities and not what would be most convenient for you.


When looking for a career path to take, do not dwell on what society expects of you. Society expects everybody to have a nine-to-five job in a good office but do they consider those who choose to work online and make the best out of themselves? About 2.5 million people work online; you too can make ends meet online.


  1. . Be the boss of your own body.


Only you have control over your body. You can choose to lose weight or gain and even a diet to follow. Having control over your body gives you the freedom you need. You should, therefore, choose what to eat wisely as this is an important part of body build up.

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Having control over your body helps get control of everything in life as it creates confidence and enables better decision making.


  1. Get rid of what you do not need.


When creating your own freedom, get rid of the things that bring about toxicity in your life. Avoid doing stuff to please others and instead do what makes you happy. Cut off ties with people who are slowing you in life, refuse to attend events you do not want to and also get rid of the stuff in your house that you do not need anymore.


Maintaining only the right stuff in your life will help you get back your freedom and also restore your peace of mind.


  1. Do not settle.


You are better than what you think is good enough. Settling for what is good enough only limits your capabilities. You are so much better than what you believe is good enough.


Most dreams fall apart due to settling for less and even the fear to dream big and fail. Dare to dream, dare to try and never settle even though you feel like what you have is good enough for you.




It is easier to create your own freedom and have the control you need over your life. This freedom is limited by social conventions that bring about mediocrity in the society. When looking to create your freedom in life the steps described will help you do that.